Fosbury EP

by Moustache Machine

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veryvery Some of the freshest, funkiest stuff I've heard in a while. Moustache Machine has killed it with this release.

Stick with "Doing It Wrong" as cascading sheets of synth stretch and expand into skys of mind-melting and body-bending brilliance. Pretty soon, you'll be "Doing It Right."

PS: "YOU ARE THE LEGEND." Favorite track: Doing It Wrong (Original Mix).
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1981, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Jimmy Fosbury, an average teenager and local high jump champion, is running in the woods.
As far as he can remember, all he ever dreamed of was gold medals, fame and trumpets.
Despite being only 14, he’s already spent most of his life training and perfecting his technique to qualify for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

However, this night, as he goes deeper and deeper in the forest, he knows something different is happening, as if the trees were trying to talk to him.
Jimmy decides to ignore his fear and follows the ghostly whispers in the moonless night. As he keeps running, he sees a lake, a lake he had never seen before in these woods he knew like the back of his hand.
He approaches the water when he suddenly hears a deep voice.

- "Jimmy, I know your dreams, I brought you here to make them real."
He can’t believe it. It can’t be IT, the legendary Tennessee Flying Werefox, right here, standing before his very eyes.
- "Give me your soul Jimmy, just your soul, and you will be the greatest athlete ever known to man." the Flying Werefox said.
- "But, but, I thought you were a just a myth, a legend! " replied Jimmy.

And this is how begins the legend of Jimmy Fosbury, the Chattanooga flying stud.


released March 30, 2013



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Moustache Machine Paris, France

I'm a cosmic nu-disco producer from Paris and I like cheeseburgers.
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